At Faiā, we are passionate about the intersection of communities and technology. We offer services that support the progression of traditional ways of work for businesses and governments towards the emerging metaverse ecosystem, also known as Web 3.0.

Tech & Tools Advisory

Don't know which platforms to use? We help clients navigate the rabbit hole of available tools and technologies, including blockchain, to discover which are best suited to your business in preparation for Web 3.0.

Strategy & Design

How will this digital evolution impact my business? Through a customised analysis and strategy plan, we can show you opportunities, innovations and risks for your business or community with the emergence of the new metaverse economy.

Process Improvement

Overwhelmed by managing remote teams? We implement processes based on best practices for remote workforce management. Our work enables you to meet the evolving needs of the digital future of work.

Supporting Services

Interactive Workshops

Tired of all the metaverse jargon? Check out our workshops or webinars to help demystify this emerging space.

Community Management

Struggling with the chaos? We can help you manage your community with ongoing support and management.

Digital Wayfinding

Employees not communicating effectively? Improve employee onboarding using our digital wayfinding techniques.

Meta Nation Building

Looking to leverage blockchain for government services? Work with us and our partners to help build a blockchain-based infrastructure for your nation. We'll also build custom reports on the latest findings across emerging tech industries, perfect for ministers.









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