Build A Community

Faiā started out as a blockchain marketing agency, but has quickly expanded into various other areas including brand community consulting. We've always been passionate about community, so you will find related services below to help you achieve that.


We are experts in building productive communities. Work with us to build, engage or manage yours.



A community without an identity is lost. A strong brand, with a strong story, nurtures belonging.

web & ux


Let us help you build a beautiful user experience, from web to mobile, with our expert designers.

digital marketing

We can help you boost your featured articles within our network and alongside our SaaS mediums to scale your brand efficiently

social media management

Our diverse team of professionals can help with curating content and strategizing the schedule for your brand

Blockchain Services

In terms of blockchain technologies, we focus on only one: Bitcoin (BSV). We advise businesses on how to leverage BSV for various use cases, with a bend towards businesses with growing communities. We believe Bitcoin is the greatest community tool ever created, and has the biggest potential for socio-economic impact.

bitcoin sv advisory

1:1 advisory and consulting with our Head of Technology, paid on a per hour basis. 

metanet site migration

We are one of the few agencies able to migrate websites over to the BSV-powered "Metanet."

proposal reviews

Many approach us for our BSV expertise, especially for proposals. We can help, for a price.

investor relations

We know a lot of people in our neworks. Let us help you get formally connected.