We're a blockchain community consultancy.

Faiā connects people, culture, and technology. Serving high-growth startups to government agencies, we believe in the power of community and blockchain to power the future of Web3 and beyond.

Founded in 2018 by George Siosi Samuels, Faiā is a collective of consultants and professional community builders, dedicated to assisting progressive companies and leaders in the use of blockchain technology or building Web3 communities.

We provide consulting services and educational content to build high-performing Web3 or blockchain-based community teams. Below are our three core community-based services:

Our consultants work with growth-to-mature stage companies, which are typically community-driven, with $1m+ in earnings or raised capital. Our ideal clients usually have a minimum staff of 20+ and a strong desire to better organize, professionalize, or transition to web3/blockchain.

Our work has been featured on: Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, Discover Magazine, Rest of World, Bitcoin Association, Coingeek, and Tech In Asia.

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