Bridging digital divides through community & blockchain

Faiā is a community-tech consultancy that helps community-driven ventures improve technology adoption in emerging markets. We bridge gaps between communities and technology, empowering the small and uncommon to realize their potential.

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Build your future with Faiā

We are a consultancy for high-growth, community-driven ventures.

A new type of consultancy

A new type of business that helps community-driven ventures realize their potential through next-gen services and products.

Culture-first management

We uniquely combine change & community management practices to provide an experience that leverages culture to improve technology adoption.

Blockchain advisory & integration

We help clients build on the Bitcoin (BSV) blockchain with the help of our partners and what we call "community economies".

Business Process Improvements (BPI)

Get an audit of your current internal processes and improve them with our team of experts, to reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase efficiencies.

Community-driven marketing

Don't just build an audience, create a community around your initiative or product. We optimize for depth over likes and follows.

Partnerships & investor relations

Increase awareness of your project by forming strategic partnerships with like-minded projects that share common goals or values. Tap into our investor network.


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Exploring new pathways with the nation of Tuvalu

We are always looking ahead to see how we can help small or emerging populations (with potential) prepare for the future.


In 2020, amidst a global pandemic, we helped facilitate the deal that brought blockchain technology to the nation of Tuvalu, making it the first UN-seated country to adopt such forward-thinking innovation at a national level. 

Our Approach

A unique philosophy on technology from a community-adoption standpoint. 

More often than not, our team has witnessed a multitude of technology projects executed poorly due to a lack of understanding of people, culture, and/or community. 

By taking the above into account, we can significantly improve your chances of adoption, investment, and retention for any product, venture or initiative you may have.


Community & Culture


Partnerships & Finance


Digital Transformation & Technology


Communication & Education

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Helping Draper Startup House build a global community

Faiā worked with Draper Startup House (formally Tribe Theory) over an 18 month period to grow its physical communities across the globe, from Singapore to Bali, to Estonia and Portugal. 

In direct response to Covid-19 and the global pandemic of 2020, Faiā helped the rapidly-growing startup launch its very first online community using Slack. The founder, Vikram Bharati, raised $3.5m from Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper.

We're here to help you build a more compelling future

Our team is committed to building a more sustainable and equitable world through leveraging emerging technologies, creating innovative solutions, and empowering small and uncommon communities.

George Siosi Samuels
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Managing Director

A community-driven entrepreneur with a personal mission to bridge gaps and spread harmony. His vision is to empower the small and uncommon.

Erin O'Brien

Senior Manager

Also known internally as our "Clan Mother", Erin's background in psychology, cross-cultural communications, and people management provides a unique addition to our team.

Alyssa Jane Gutierrez

Business Analyst

Driven by purpose and profit, Alyssa has a background in change management, strategy, business development, and social entrepreneurship.

Clients we've helped

What our clients have to say


Founder (International)

Draper Startup House

"The Faiā team helped us build and scale both our internal and external digital communications processes. They also helped us streamline and professionalise our community building efforts, and they were able to help us find a way to combine our physical and digital communities across the globe."


Director of Business Services

nChain Global

"I have had the pleasure to work alongside George and Faiā on the ground-breaking digital transformation program in Tuvalu. With George having Tuvaluan heritage, I have seen first-hand the drive and determination of Faiā to use technology and knowledge, alongside the partnerships they have built over the years, to provide all Tuvaluans with the tools and insight to become leaders and innovators in the use of technology to create a better society. It is the perfect opportunity to showcase Faiā’s focus on building better communities and using technology for good. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working alongside Faiā and I am looking forward to continuing to develop our partnership to deliver the tools for other nations to follow in Tuvalu’s footsteps."



East2 Global

“We have known the team at Faiā professionally for some time and always welcome their enthusiasm, professionalism and industry know-how. Faiā digs deep to better understand the issues and opportunities for their clients. We have no doubt they will be a great success across Asia-Pacific.”