Ignite your community brand for Web 3.0 and the metaverse

We help traditional or non-technical business-owners build meta-communities for Web 3.0 and the metaverse.

We provide bespoke services, unique frameworks, actionable strategies, and uncommon knowledge to level up your business, ground community chaos, and minimize potential risks when using blockchain technologies.

Our team's work has been featured on: Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, Discover Magazine, Rest of World, Bitcoin Association, Coingeek, and Tech In Asia.

🤖 👟 Meta-Community Education

Get the best community-building training for Web3 and the metaverse. Includes content from some of the most prolific community-builders in the space across Web3, NFTs, DAOs and more.

🤖 🔨 Meta-Community Services

Choose from any one of our packages to help you setup, grow, or manage your meta-community. We coined the term "meta-community" - so know that you're in good hands.

Are you an enterprise or government looking to implement blockchain technology or build a digital nation? Then our Faiā Consulting arm may be for you.

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