About Faiā

Faiā is a remote-first, community-tech consultancy specializing in improving communities using emerging tools and technologies (from Notion AI to blockchain).

The name (Faiā) is Samoan for "to span a divide" (like a bridge).

Since 2013, our founder George Siosi Samuels has been combining his 10+ years of experience with technology and community management across multiple industries including co-working, fintech, and blockchain.

In 2018, he started Faiabrand Pte Ltd ("Faiā") with the hypothesis that 'community' would become increasingly important in the success of all future blockchain-based projects.

Fast-forward to the 2020s, and it certainly seems to hold true with news such as Facebook rebranding to Meta, the meteoric rise of NFT communities, and even the popularity of DAOs.

Below you’ll learn: who we help, what we do, our mission & vision, and team members.

Who we help

We work with growth-to-mature stage companies - typically community-driven and exploring new technologies - with $1m+ in earnings or raised capital.

Our ideal clients usually have a minimum staff of 20+ and a strong desire to organize better, professionalize, or transition into the next stage of their business using emerging tools or technologies.

We only work with owners or professionals who understand the importance of culture. They typically have everything necessary for building sustainable communities but typically lack:

  1. Technical knowledge
  2. Organizational structures
  3. Time

We are members of the following organizations to help increase blockchain knowledge and innovation:

We also have exclusive access to a plethora of blockchain patents via IPwe.

What do we do

We bridge gaps between communities and emerging technologies. We do this in two ways, our consulting services and accelerators.

We aim to maximize knowledge, results, and confidence while minimizing risk, costs, unwanted behaviors, and inefficiencies.

Our 3 key service areas are:

  1. Strategy
  2. Management
  3. Operations

We offer additional services outside of the above areas for select clients only.

Our vision & mission

At Faiā, we are dedicated to improving communities by combining the power of people, technology and culture. Our mission is to provide innovative and visionary solutions that drive growth, foster connection, and enhance collaboration.

Our vision is to be a leader in the industry, empowering businesses and organizations with community-driven solutions that drive innovation, improve experiences, and create a better future for all.

Our values

  1. Empower.
  2. Improve.
  3. Bridge.

Our team

We’re a fully-remote, cross-functional company:

... and various other sub-contractors we pull in on demand.

Contacting us

The best way to contact us is via email - [email protected]

You can follow George Siosi Samuels on Twitter here.

You can join our Newsletter (MetaLetter) to get high-quality emails every other week from George Siosi Samuels personally.

🔥 ⭕️ Faiā Circle (Coming Soon)

The Faiā Circle is a mastermind of 100 meta-community builders that collaborate to build healthier meta-communities, generate wealth, and harmonize ecosystems.