Building meta communities for the next generation.

We help progressive business and government leaders embrace emerging technologies for the future of work.

What is a meta community?

The "metaverse" (i.e. multiple virtual worlds) is made up of people who value the digital. They belong to a vast set of online communities, and their interactions move fluidly between micro (e.g. data ownership) and macro (e.g. lifestyle activities).

As the way we connect online evolves, the "meta community" becomes a term used to describe technologies or innovations affected or influenced by: Web 3.0, NFTs, blockchain, and the "Metanet".

What is Faiā?

Faiā is a community-tech consultancy that educates, builds, and advises on meta communities for business and governments.

Navigate meta landscapes

We help you find your way through all the noise from blockchain, to NFTs, to DAOs, and even Web 3.0.

Harmonize culture & tech

We teach and apply emerging tools and processes by grounding it with wisdom from the past and relevant cultural protocols.

Activate meta communities

We prepare communities for the emerging future by teaching, guiding, and advising.

A community-first approach to helping businesses & governments navigate the new 'meta' world.

As Yo Yo Ma once said, "Currency in culture is not money, but trust." Our methodology taps into this by taking a "community-first" approach to technology adoption, balancing practical business needs with existing cultural norms.

1 - Tech

We release hundreds of features to help you manage your finances securely with speed.

2 - Socio-economic

We focus on the coordination of capital and culture in emerging spaces.

3 - Cultural

We believe in transparency when it comes in your companies finances and team management.

Communities we've helped

Faiā allows you to handle your finances with transparency and insights that helps fuel your company's growth.

Tuvalu Government


Setup the world's first bGov ecosystem ("Tuvalu National Digital Ledger") with the government.



A London-based research firm holding the world's largest blockchain patent portfolio.

Draper Startup House


A unique, international startup hostel that was the first to accept Bitcoin out of Singapore.

Communities we're building

Join any one of our communities to improve productivity, be more accountable, or access rising entrepreneurial talent from the South Pacific.

The Pack

Building productive communities since 2016


Building honorable communities using blockchain technology

South Pacific Accelerator

A decentralized community for South Pacific entrepreneurs

Faia Meta Circle

A decentralized community for South Pacific entrepreneurs

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