Preparing for the meta economy

A new economy emerges. Rapid changes are on the horizon, are you prepared?


The way we work is evolving. Facebook may have changed its name to Meta, but poor employee onboarding of company tools can still cost a company up to 67% in lost productivity. This is such an issue that remote workers are taking to Twitter to express their frustrations.

Onboarding of company tools is a rising issue, especially for an increasingly remote workforce.

In the meta realm of "DAOs", member onboarding is being seen as a new form of "wayfinding" for distributed teams.


As remote work changes our working rituals, our tools and processes also need to adapt. Navigating these ever-changing toolsets, without disrupting day-to-day workflows, is becoming the mounting problem for remote workers.


We help teams navigate this problem by doing the following...

Our Process

Faiā takes you through a unique process to help you or your team(s) get the most out of the new distributed employee experience.

Get a complete bank account

Open bank accounts with virtual cards, team management, API access, and more.

Auto-Generate Reports

Easily generate monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports with just one click.

Manage from your phone

Manage your account with confidence using our powerful mobile app.