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Saving Charity (Part 2): The Rise of Big Charity

The first act of corporate money-raising for charitable purposes is often traced back to Charles Sumner Ward and Frank L. Pierce’s campaign to raise money for a new YMCA building in New York City. The pair was tasked with getting the $350,000 campaign, which had come up $80,000 shy of its goal, over the line.

The pair decided that advertising the fact that the campaign had a time limit and a defined goal would incentivize people to make quick decisions and hired a publicist to develop the message.

Together the three devised the ‘Campaign Clock’ that is so often used today as a means to show the urgency of the effort, creating a stronger appeal for their donors.

The pair also secured advertising for the campaign through the ‘Woodward and Lothrop’ department store, creating one of the first examples of marketing in modern fundraising.

The campaign was a resounding success and created what is today defined as the ‘YMCA School’ of fundraising. Today we see this method being used all over the world to raise funds for causes of all kinds.

Stay tuned next week for Part 3 of 6 of our "Saving Charity" series.

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