IWCF047: Blockchain, Crypto Communities & Chinese Entrepreneurship with Rico Pang

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

In this episode, we sit down with Rico Pang, Founder & CEO of Sanctum Pte Ltd. We discuss his journey into blockchain and crypto, building businesses through family offices, and how Chinese entrepreneurs think vs Western entrepreneurs. 

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About Rico Pang

Rico Pang is a serial entrepreneur, multi-family office advisor, venture partner, and public speaker. Rico has over 15 years experience in emerging markets across properties, supply chain management, e-commerce, fintech, private equity & public listed corporate management. Rico has significant experience in business development for institutional distribution channels for cross-selling emerging market equity and debt products across markets in Asia, Middle East & Europe with unparalleled coverage network with venture capitals, UHNW family offices & sovereign wealth funds.

Rico is currently the Founder & CEO of Sanctum Pte. Ltd. – a leading Multi-Family Office that serves UHNW families across Asia & Middle East primarily on emerging technology portfolios and digital assets transformation.

Rico has been interviewed by media globally including CNBC, ABC News, China News & etc. He is frequently invited as keynote speaker at conferences including Australia National Education Conference, Malaysia-China Entrepreneur Conference, China-ASEAN E-Commerce Summit, Asia Blockshow. Rico also appeared on Live Broadcast for <ASEAN Business Opportunities> production by China’s Nanning TV Channel.

Prior to his entrepreneurship, Rico founded the New Century Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur City Centre at aged 21 after awarded as the Top Leo Club President for District 308B1 at the aged of 19. He was elected as the National President for the Australia International Student Peak Body NLC in 2005. Since then, he has been a serial entrepreneur and spend most of his time on building businesses that will make a positive difference in the world through working with like minded partners.

Rico is an active advocate and always believe in giving back to the society.

To connect with him, visit his LinkedIn here.

Episode Summary

  • What it’s like building a company in the blockchain space

  • Building a crypto community

  • What it’s like being a “bridger of cultures”, from Singapore to China

  • How a Chinese entrepreneur thinks

  • The art of building trust in Asian economies (trust first)

  • … and more!

Rapid Fire Questions

  • Favorite book? Who Moved My Cheese

  • Favorite quote or motto? “Live life to the fullest.”

  • If you could choose any animal to be, what would you be and why? A lion.

Reference List

Below is a list of links referenced in the episode:

Connect with Rico on LinkedIn here.