• Adam Bowcutt

Review: CoinGeek London 2020

The BitcoinSV ecosystem is growing stronger day by day. After attending CoinGeek London 2020 I am confident in saying that BitcoinSV is definitely here to stay.

I realised three key takeaways at Coingeek this year:

1. BitcoinSV ecosystem is in safe hands.

2. The technology is currently being built by some great talent.

3. The energy in the room was contagious (as much a coronavirus - almost)

900 attendees enthusiastically showed up. The crowd traveled far and wide and there was no doubt they were all BitcoinSV advocates. Entrepreneurs, investors, and developers were all contributing to the energetic mix. There was certainly a consistent hum of excitement at The Old Billingsgate venue. In the background, you could see the iconic Tower Bridge. There was a crisp and cold breeze in the air on day 1. But, as soon as I was welcomed into the CoinGeek London conference hall I soon warmed up.

After twenty hours of flight time from Brisbane, Australia I landed at Heathrow in the afternoon. Within a couple of hours I was thrust into the thick of The Bitcoin Association’s Pre-Ignite meet up.

A highlight of mine was meeting Satoshi Nakamoto for the very first time, Dr. Craig Wright, creator of Bitcoin. After this experience, my jet-lag disappeared in a flash. Due to the practicalities around reducing the spread of Coronovirus he was wearing leather gloves. At the entrance, I was gently reminded to knock elbows instead of shaking hands. As I attempted to do this upon meeting Dr. Wright, he extended a welcoming hand to shake. I obliged, simultaneously he readied his elbow to knock mine. It was a bit awkward, to say the least. Whatever the crypto Twittersphere thinks of him. I’m convinced he is one of the good guys.

What I quickly realised was the enthusiasm and energy for building a future with BitcoinSV technology was infectious. Each person I met and connected with from the meetup, day 1 and day 2 of CoinGeek, the Metanet.ICU dinner, and the ‘Back to the future’ afterparty made me understand what all the ‘bitcoin hype’ was about. The important thing I now know is that it is not actually hype. It is very real because talented people; organised groups of people are consciously building valuable assets.

As Jimmy Win says “It’s time to build” and that’s what is happening right now.

Three themes I felt across the event:

Focus - Startups, investors, and developers are really ramping up their efforts by focusing on how to scale BSV solutions for users and organizations. This is especially evident after the recent genesis upgrade. For example: Handcash Connect simplifying bitcoin app building and development

Build - Developers are now building. They are building talented teams to cater for the growing hunger for this space. An example is Nchain’s expanding team to serve an increasing need for educating and the certification of Bitcoin developers.

Community - A major theme to be ignited at CoinGeek London 2020 is the importance of community. In that it’s all very well to have thousands of users but if there’s no engaged community then all the efforts could be short-lived.

“Maximize the creativity of human minds” George Gilder

Speaker Highlights:

Michael Hudson CEO of Bitstocks and Gravity: After choosing to throw away his script, He spoke from the heart with passion. It was inspiring and visionary. This resonated with my non-technical background because Michael’s talk reminded me of the ‘Why’ of Bitcoin and how it will change humanity for the better. Michael Hudson Video Clip

George Gilder - Author of Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy. George spoke with clarity and a wealth of experience. He was asked “When did you realize that Craig is Satoshi?” He nonchalantly responded that it was a logical conclusion. I paraphrased that bit.

Stephan Nilsson CEO of Unisot: This presentation had it all, humor, value and one of the best use cases for BitcoinSV. Stephan and his team shared alive ‘on-chain’ demonstration of how one halibut fish can be tracked from source to delivery. I had a quick chat with him via Facebook Live here: Unisot CEO Stephan Nillson chats to Faiā

Thank you for reading.

Adam Bowcutt

Please feel free to reach out hello@faiacorp.com to connect for anything BitconSV and Community related.


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