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Money Magnification, Time & Creativity


Thinking about money, is it energising to you? Or, is it depleting? Indifference perhaps? Whatever your thinking, money is a big part of our everyday lives. Generally, we all need money to survive and thrive in this world. Without it, successfully navigating your day would be extremely difficult. For me, the amount of money you have is directly proportionate to the value you bring to the marketplace. Conversely, lack of money can signify the opposite. Money is a complex subject spanning multiple areas. Perceived as a useful tool and used ethically, it can be life-changing and impactful to, and for, societies. At a local and psychological level, money magnifies your personality.

"Money doesn't change who you are, it just magnifies your personality" -Richard Castle

Did you know that Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $145 Billion USD? He is officially the richest human being on planet Earth. Launched in 1994, Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon, a company generating yearly revenues in excess of $280 Billion per year and employing over 840,000 staff, effectively delivering huge value to global markets. But despite all this, how has his abundant wealth magnified his personality? If generosity and charitable giving through philanthropic activities is a measure of this, then pledging to spend $10 Billion on fighting climate change is a strong example. Money is relative too:

'spending $88,000 to him is similar to an average American spending $1' - Business Insider

Also, if you use percentages instead of dollar value as a comparison, it emphasises how important starting to think about money in different ways is. Especially with respect to charity. For example, if you earn $70K and you pledge 10% of this income to charitable giving, that's $7k. Whereas, if you earn $7Million, then 10% is $700K. Quite a difference in dollar amount although it's the same percentage. What's important here is focusing a mindset with a strong foundation built upon relational value. The world may benefit from this abundance approach because it reduces any feeling of lack. 10% is still 10%. Numbers don't lie, or do they?

What's your relationship like with money and does it magnify your personality? What percentage of your income would you, or do you, commit to charity or other worthy causes?


Is time more valuable than money? I believe so because you can always make more money. But, you can never make more time. Twenty-four hours per day is what we all have to work with. We have a choice, within reason, of what we choose to do with that time. Again, time is a relative concept. It serves to help people within societies to be organised. Also, one person's sense of time may feel different to another. For example, when you're 'in the zone' time appears to be going in slow-motion. Three hours can feel like three minutes. You're focused and everything is good. You're working in high-performance mode. It's as if you're launching turbo-boost on your machine, and your eyes are seeing everything clearly. Alternatively, time can drag and feel like an aeon. Like watching paint dry. Why do you think this happens? More often than not it's because of how engaging your task is. Your level of interest and passion in what you're doing with your time. By choosing wisely what we do with our time, we start to increase the likelihood of experiencing 'in the zone' moments. Time is a finite resource with infinite applications.

"We must use time creatively" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you like the idea of experiencing greater use of your time with others, learn how to use time more effectively and increase productivity with purpose. I highly recommend you enter The Pack 'Lobby' For a sneak peek at our engaging online community HERE


Creativity is a boundless human trait. It's important, especially for entrepreneurship, because creativity enables progress, fun, and adding value, at scale. Once you practice being creative it's like a muscle that strengthens. Why are some people more creative than others?

"Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm" - Earl Nightingale

If you're enthusiastic about something, be it a project or event, you'll more likely be creative. It's contagious and builds energy. Being around like-minded and enthusiastic people definitely builds creativity. A benefit of creativity is that you are producing something, hopefully of value to others. By creating and producing you become a creator as opposed to a consumer. This is a good thing. You can deliver value and in exchange be rewarded with money. Alternatively, you can solve problems and be rewarded with bitcoin...

... if you're a miner or transaction processor. (click on the links to learn more)

Being creative with money, delivering value and contributing to an innovative future is rewarding in its own right. Post-pandemic how will you magnify your contribution to the world?

Adam Bowcutt


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