IWCF050: Ringleaders, Passion & Enterprise Communities with Dan Thomas

In this episode, we sit down with Dan Thomas, Transformation Consultant and content creator who enables people to pursue their passions. He was previously the Enterprise Community Manager at Lloyds Bank in London, has a side photography business, and even breakdances. 

About Dan Thomas

"At scale, it becomes less about community per se, and more about culture."

Dan is a multiple award-winning digital transformation consultant creating large scale culture and capability change through multi-million pound programs and ground-breaking engagement strategies, which drive adoption of productivity tools to communities of over 100,000 people.

He's created benchmark-beating communities that work collaboratively and deliver against their objectives with ground-breaking use case led strategies and expertise in IT project management, design and user experience, learning, communications and analysis. Dan has presented at keynotes and won awards from Jive and Brandon Hall for best in class transformation and innovation.

He actively consults senior leadership and has trained thousands of people to work better by connecting with their why and inspiring growth mindsets, which create learning movements. He's a confident speaker and presenter, is recognized as a thought leader, and actively shares his knowledge through working groups. He also hosts the Teamwork podcast, providing insights into collaboration, change and communications strategies to drive measurable results.

"See business communities as investments for the long-term."

Episode Summary

  • Finding "Ringleaders"

  • Enterprise community management

  • Objectives vs feel-good metrics

  • Using LinkedIn for community-building

  • Privacy and closed networks

  • Capturing attention effectively

  • … and more!

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