IWCF049: Communities, Power & Complex Adaptive Systems with Rachel Happe

In this episode, we sit down with Rachel Happe, co-founder and principal at the Community Roundtable. We discuss her journey and explore areas such as business management, the role of "power" in relationships, leadership, and communities as "complex adaptive systems."

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About Rachel Happe

"Really good communities, the best, don't just make people feel good. They support people, and then they challenge them."

Rachel has spent the last 20 years helping organizations implement emerging technologies to advance their business strategies. 

She understands how networked communications environments can transform how people work, their productivity and their personal satisfaction by aligning their passions, skills and relationships.

Rachel co-founded The Community Roundtable to support business leaders developing their community and social business strategies. Clients including SAP, Aetna, BASF, CA, H&R Block, and CSC benefit from Rachel’s ability to make sense of abstract trends and her ability to see the implications that technical and operational decisions can have on people and processes.

During her career Rachel has served in analyst, product management, product marketing and executive roles. Find out more or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

"Community management is the future of all management."

Episode Summary

  • Enterprise Social Networks

  • Complex Adaptive Systems

  • The effects of power and money in relationship

  • How to scale consulting companies properly

  • Why Community Managers are returning to "traditional roles"

  • The impact of blockchain on future relationships

  • … and more!

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