IWCF048: Emotional Intelligence, Social Proofing & Indigenous Wisdom with Melinda Shobrook

In this episode, we sit down with Melinda Shobrook, President at Port Kembla Chamber of Commerce and Director of Cybertribal Social Media. We discuss her journey into social media, digital community-building across cultures, Facebook in 2019, and indigenous wisdom.

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About Melinda Shobrook

"Acknowledge that the answers for any community you create, come from within that community. User-generated content is hands down the best way to engage an audience."

Melinda's professional background is in fine arts - etching, as well as community development, & adult education. She has 4 children and is a proud Copt - Indigenous Egyptian - and is an activist, alongside a group of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander leaders.

In 2005 I started a facebook group to help promote activism - Indigenous Rise - which now has over 4,000 international members with 7 admins and it's own (crowd-funded) website.

She discovered her affinity for social media whilst working in audience and donor engagement for the not-for-profit sector. Strong engagement is pretty much the guaranteed result if you use basic community development principles to nurture your online communities. It's the "people science" side of social media that she enjoys the most.

Melinda runs workshops and accredited training for businesses & organizations on how to meet their audience's needs online. She has a team of freelancers that she works with, and their focus is on creating a dynamic digital presence for clients, particularly in organic lead generation, without having to "boost" posts to ensure visibility. Seeing posts they've created go viral really floats her boat!

To connect with her, visit her LinkedIn here.

"It's a real asset that we draw from a mix of cultures and understandings."

Episode Summary

  • What it's like growing up with a mixed heritage

  • The evolution of "community" in increasingly digital ecosystems

  • How indigenous people are innovating social media globally

  • Emotional and indigenous intelligence

  • The challenges of social proofing mechanisms

  • How to keep on top of social media as a solo parent

  • … and more!

Rapid Fire Questions

  • Favorite quote or motto? "Appreciate your audience."

  • If you could choose any animal to be, what would you be and why? A snail.

Relevant Links

"I was just fascinated by how different types of groups of people needed different kinds of messaging, in order for the message to be effective."

Connect with Melinda on LinkedIn here.