Do You Need A Personal Coach Or A Productive Community?

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Why does "community" matter?

Where personal coaching fails, and community support shines, is in accountability and transparency. For some, personal coaching may be the right answer but, for many others, "positive peer pressure" from a larger group tends to breed more consistent results. Why? Because most human beings are generally social creatures. And if you mix in the influence of groups, it can help improve not only professional but also personal and spiritual productivity.

To dive deeper into this topic, please listen to the below podcast from our It Will Come Show before reading further.

Paul Higgins has built a community of ex-corporates called Build Live Give, helping them to avoid common mistakes so that they can make their mark on the world. He experienced hardships first-hand when he decided to move out of his lucrative career at Coca-Cola, which forced him to redesign his whole professional career from scratch. There were various factors that pushed him to make a change, including a looming health issue.

In the podcast episode, Paul touches on various pieces around personal and professional productivity. A few key learnings include:

  • Don’t do everything on your own, it’s good to start alone and push things by doing everything but beyond a point, it’s really important to start focusing on your strengths, as also mentioned in the book - Strength Finder 2.O by Gallup.

  • Having a VA will help you get rid of monotonous/mechanistic operational hassles like administrative stuff and hence you can focus more on the creative juices and most importantly sales.

  • Spend your time doing sales. Always remember "sales is king," as Dan Pink says in his book To Sell Is Human. Paul touches on how he was used to the corporate lifestyle of meetings, brainstorming, and subsequently forgetting about "real work" (i.e. sales).

  • Find your niche. Niches help you focus on your strengths, helping you find your target and market to the right customers.

  • Find your community. After spending a significant amount of time - 4 years having personal coaches and a great family support system - Paul realized he needed a social fabric. People who are on a similar trajectory (i.e. a community or a mastermind group), which later proved to be right. When he was not able to find the right community, he decided to build his own.

  • It’s not an individual journey. It’s really important to on-board your close family members and relatives. Hence, being a part of a community and sharing your vulnerabilities becomes super-critical.

“The path of an entrepreneur, or starting your own business, can be a lonely one in the beginning.”

To listen to the full podcast, please visit our podcast series here. You can also find us on iTunes or Spotify.

At Faiā, we've been studying "productive communities" through one of our flagship programs called The Pack, which is a private mastermind designed to manage high-performing individuals suffering from what we call “Lone Wolf Syndrome”.

These individuals can often be found inside a company, running their own business, or exploring entrepreneurship. Just to add a very important element, The Pack helps facilitate human-to-human experiences and not just interactions. We are solving a problem of "loneliness" among high-performing individuals by making them part of a community or a tribe, which brings accountability, transparency, and productivity, thus improving motivation and reducing stress.

“As former lone wolves, we’ve discovered that being part of The Pack allows us to achieve so much more than we could alone. Together is better.”

If you are an entrepreneur, investor, or consultant looking to find your community and be more productive, we have just opened applications for our next Pack cohort. So if you are interested, click here to learn more.


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