At Faiā, we're passionate about the intersection of communities and technology. We offer services to help you get the most out of them - whether for business or government - in the emerging metaverse ecosystem.

Primary Services


Don't know which platforms to use? We provide advisory services on all things in the metaverse, specializing in blockchain integration and community building.

Strategy & Design

Employees not communicating effectively? Hire us to improve employee onboarding use digital wayfinding techniques

Process Improvement

Overwhelmed by tools? We'll help you choose the best for your organization, set the right ones up for you, and train your team for success.

Supporting Services

Interactive Workshops

Tired of all the jargon? Check out our workshops or webinars to help demystify this emerging space. Learn more

Change Management

Struggling with the chaos? We can help you manage your community with ongoing support and management. Learn more

Digital Wayfinding

Employees not communicating effectively? Improve employee onboarding using our digital wayfinding techniques. Learn more