Community Dynamics

A tool for building more harmonious communities


Community Dynamics™ is a community profiling tool for businesses and leaders, to help you determine what type of community you have, and what steps you need to take in order to shift it in the direction you desire over time.


This system was designed for community builders lacking structure or seeking to bring order to chaos. We noticed that as more and more people enter the space of Web 3.0, Metaverse, and even DAOs, they're experiencing issues around structure and coordination.

As a result, we created a system to help ensure more harmonious communities, regardless of industry, with less unnecessary chaos. We wanted to help stop people reinventing the wheel.

This system uses nature symbols (e.g. animal totems) from the real world, as a way of keeping you grounded with the natural world. As we move more and more into digital universes (like the Metaverse), it's important for us to remember our real-world connections. This ensures we keep that meaningful relationship, or at the very least, keep us curious and reminded when disconnected from physical "reality."

How It Works

A sneak preview of what to expect

Take the test

Take a 15 minute test to determine what type of community you have or desire.

View results

Generate useful insights & quick summaries in seconds with our state-of-the-art AI software.

Check strategies

See custom strategies for each community type, and apply to them own.

This system was inspired by several others, including (but not limited to): Myers-Briggs, Native Medicine Wheel, Daoism, the Chinese I-Ching, and Astrology.

The Wheel, which displays your strengths and weaknesses, can be switched based on your own unique culture. We provide default templates of certain cultures from each continent around the world, using well-known local animal symbols. However, this system can be applied to ANY culture, including for organizations, which we provide services for.

If a particular culture is not represented, but you would like it custom fitted, email us and we can do the research to adapt it for you or your organization for a fee.

What You Get

Community Persona Profile

Just like individuals, communities also form their own "persona". Traditionally influenced by brand personas, community personas characterize collectives, and is often how stereotypes are formed. Tackled right, your community can grow with a lot more intentionality.

Community-Product Fit Analysis

As communities become more vital to business success, certain business can focus on building communities first before worrying about product-market fit. A well-defined community can become the product worth investing in, without sacrificing principles.


  • Strategies for effective communication and management
  • Upgrade options for personalized assistance, training or implementation
  • Community Readiness score
  • Tools and templates for better community management


This system can be used across various stages of business.

Early Stage

  1. Community-Product Fit
  2. Community Tone & Voice
  3. Structure for building community

Later Stage

  1. Internal Comms Tone & Voice
  2. Aligning cultural change with digital transformation efforts
  3. Tech platform recommendations based on results

All content found within this system is based on years of research and learnings across multiple fields. Each culture has been researched in order to produce accurate community profiles. When you purchase a profile, you will also be notified if any updates have been made to the content in real-time. This is due to the fact that cultures are always shifting, and any new findings may need to be reflected to keep profiles accurate.

Take the test to find out what type of community you have

It takes less than 15 minutes.

Please email us if you'd like to pay using crypto (BTC/BSV/ETH).



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