Faiā Place

A close tight-knit network of Investors, Entrepreneurs and Independent consultants working exclusively on Bitcoin SV.

What is Faia Place (BSV)?

Faia Place is like Seek.com for BSV. It is designed to facilitate experiences and transactions between investors, independent consultants and entrepreneurs working on Bitcoin SV by building a close-knit network of stakeholders. We intend to facilitate investments, gigs, and anything else the network can offer.


We are essentially managing three stakeholders through Faia Place, which are: 


  • Investors interested in investing in Bitcoin SV ventures

  • Independent consultants and experts - whether technical, media, PR, communication, marketing, branding, etc. 

  • Entrepreneurs building ventures using the power of Bitcoin SV

The intention behind Faiā Place:

This came out as a necessity felt among the Bitcoin SV network and evolved into its present form organically. 


After spending a good amount of time with the Bitcoin SV community, stakeholders, and organically facilitating various experiences, connections and transactions between the stakeholders, we realized we should take one step forward to build a platform and formalize the facilitation of community members. This will also allow us to smoothen the experience and transactions happening between various stakeholders, which are right now living in their own silos.

Our intention with Faiā Place is : 


  • To build a community of super angels or investors who are interested in investing in early-stage blockchain startups (based on Bitcoin SV) and ready to commit money as well as provide strategic support to the startup teams and founders. 

  • To prepare the startups for investments in terms of product and business model, select startups ready for investments and facilitate investment transactions. 

  • To connect startups with a curated set of Bitcoin SV experts and consultants. With expertise built in our team, we ensure the quality of consultants by having constant checks and balances. 


This will help the ecosystem of Bitcoin SV emerge stronger by attracting more capital, able to produce more working prototypes, attract good talent and hence it’s win-win for everyone. 


We would love you to be part of Faiā Place! 



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