Faiā Pack Program 

"The strength of the pack is the wolf, the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

Faiā Pack is a productivity program designed to manage high performing employees, who sometimes suffer from what we call “Lone Wolf Syndrome”.

The Story

It all started as a small experiment by George, founder, and CEO of Faiā, when he was on the hunt for his next job. As he was job-hunting, he noticed how lonely it was. He was determined to find the right company to work for, but wanted to be surrounded by other job-seekers and/or high-performing go-getters. 


As a result, he put out his idea, validated it with 3 paying customers (before he built anything), and then ran with the concept of an “accountability mastermind.” The goal of the group was to keep each other accountable to their goals over a 3-month period. This then extended to a second round, then third, and so on. 


That’s how the first Pack was born and the rest was history. This led to us create Faiā “Pack” pack program for companies so as to engage their high performers and help them have a higher purpose. 

Faiā “Pack” for Companies


Faiā “Pack” is a productivity program designed for the companies to manage their high performing employees, who sometimes suffer from what we call “Lone Wolf Syndrome”. Through this program, we facilitate peer to peer support, learning, and growth.


If you and your team are facing the following challenges


  1. Disengaged high performers, leading to attrition

  2. Demotivation among the team members

  3. Overall low productivity 

  4. Sense of loneliness


Then, Faiā “Pack” is the right fit for your organization. Faiā “Pack” as a program is designed keeping in mind high performers, who are sometimes regarded as outliers, misfits, etc inside the and find it tough to stay motivated and relevant inside the organization. We help channelize their energy in the right direction so as to increase their productivity and hence the organization’s productivity.  


This program is for → 

  • High-achievers or Holding important positions inside the organization 

  • Someone who is willing to do daily check-ins 

  • Have a general idea of what they want to achieve 

  • is open to collaboration 

  • Feels they're destined for something greater

How will it help your employees?

  • Clarity: Help your employees get clearer on their path in career and personal life.

  • Collaboration: Help keep them connected with other intelligent and creative people like themselves, so they can create amazing work, not in isolation, but with like-minded souls on the same journey and hence peer 2 peer learning, growth, and collaboration across the teams and departments.

  • Focus: Help them focus on what’s actually important and remove any distractions that might appear along the way.

  • Accountability: Help them stay accountable and keep their motivation up, so they can reduce their procrastination.

  • Unleashing potential: Push them to achieve their highest potential, and improve their productivity, hence add more value to the organization. 

  • Execution over anything: And perhaps most importantly, The Pack is a “Results Machine." We value learning through execution and ongoing improvement over just consuming “more” courses, content, or programs. 

How does it work?


With the help of senior management and the HR team, we build high-performing groups known as “packs”, who can now interact, support, learn and grow from each other. After building the pack, we facilitate pack to take actions, trigger or nudge at the right moment, when we feel the pack or an individual is going in the wrong. 






There are three different kinds of packs we make, which are as follows: 


  1. Omega (DIY - self-study) - lone wolves who are not yet ready to join the pack, but want to do the work to gain discipline on their own. Self-starters (any stage of their journey).
    Program structure: We provide them resources related to how to manage daily tasks, provide them behavior nudges, etc. It’s a 1-month program to bring lone wolves to join the pack - Beta or Alpha.


  2. Beta Pack - lone wolves ready to join a pack. Looking to get that additional accountability and be around other high performers. Self-starters who are in their early journey. (Mid-level employees)
    Program structure: It’s a 3-month program.


  3. Alpha Pack - lone wolves who are at the top/management level in the organization, but still wanting a Mastermind with even higher performers.
    Program structure: It’s a 3-month program.

What do we offer?



Per member: One-time onboarding fees + Ongoing per month fees


Min engagement with a member (min commitment shown by a member): 6 months or at least 2 life-cycle of Alpha or Beta pack program


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