Connecting you to global opportunities with digital tools & blockchain technology 

At Faiā, we start with your people and culture so no one gets left behind

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Start your e-Nation

e-Nation Package


Access your entry into emerging markets, and a simple head start for your teams to work better online. A package will be tailored for you to include options of: 


  • Collaboration and communications platforms. 

  • Operational templates

  • Data storage and cybersecurity processes

  • Nation Branding 

  • Advisory sessions on :                                                       Public blockchain ledgers                                             Culture change management

e-Nation Package

   starting at $7K

Discover and Adopt

Consulting & Implementation Projects


Discovery phase:


Receive recommendation and a report on findings based on analysis of : 

  • Current tech infrastructure: eg communication and collaboration platform. 

  • Operational behaviours [eg. employee experience].

  • Introductions to tech partners and user testing. 




Access rapid digital economic growth and leapfrog change across the nation. At Faiā we combine the right tech partners to build your nation a comprehensive digital strategy. 


Wise-Thinking session 

Strategic Advisory 


Your soundboard and guidance by a team of experienced professionals on e-Nation building , including discussions on:


  • Future proofing with technology 

  • Adoption of digital solutions 

  • Developing partnerships and investors 

  • Community & Tech experience design

$250 per/hour