Virtual Chief

Community Officer

"Startups may fail fast, but communities succeed


Our Founder and CEO - George - will be appointed as your very own Chief Community Officer and help you with your community strategy.


Virtual CCO as a Service

If your venture is struggling with: 


  • Community Managers - keeping them organized, supported, and trained  

  • Rapid Growth - experiencing fast growth but can't keep up 

  • Disorganization - lack of proper tools, systems, and processes


Or if you are looking for: 


  • A coach or guide to help you hire or facilitate community managers at each site (if your business involves physical spaces) 

  • Build and execute on strategies to better coordinate community-building and management efforts across your venture 

  • Someone who can help you optimize day-to-day activities, processes, and KPIs to take advantage of only the most important opportunities 

  • Someone who can help foster an environment and culture that keeps community members happy and loyal 


We are here to help you. In today’s market, every customer-facing venture needs a smart, scalable strategy to reach more people, convert them into paying members quickly and inexpensively, and then make the right decisions (i.e. remove distractions) for sustainable community and business growth. 


We strongly believe that a community-centric approach is important for any business, which deals primarily with people, to sustainably scale and grow. Hence, as passionate community engineers, we offer Virtual Chief Community Officer (Virtual CCO) services, in which our Founder and CEO - George - will be appointed as Chief Community Officer (CCO) to help you in your community strategy. 

Why Virtual CCO?

To streamline business performance and eliminate inefficiencies

It’s easy to overlook the little things and develop unproductive patterns when you face the demands of running a community (especially across multiple sites globally). That’s why having an objective third-party analyze things from the outside is so valuable; we’ll identify every gap you can save money on, boost performance and, most importantly, cultivate a thriving global community. These “quick wins” will add up to an edge over your competition

To have long-term community growth



We won't just meet with you a few times, give you quick tips to improve your business and move on. We will be executing as well. And when we're done, you’ll have a customized, step-by-step blueprint (e.g. Community Bible/Manual) to follow that will help build and maintain your community-building efforts for years to come.

Maximizing your Community Management ROI (both internal and external)

We believe getting relevant marketing messages to the right people is the most effective way to boost conversions. We’ll use a data-driven approach to manage social media for you, and make them as profitable as possible. We'll also work with local community managers to ensure that those messages are localized, but still on-brand. Consistency in brand tone and voice is key.

What do we offer?

Our Founder and CEO - George - will be appointed as your very own Chief Community Officer and help you with your community strategy. 


  1. Community Audit Assessment of Current Community Performance 

    1. As a venture, you can't improve what you don't measure. That's why Faiā will analyze how your venture is performing now and identify potential areas of improvement. 

    2. Faiā will develop recommendations for you based on a quantitative analysis of your metrics, costs, and ideal customer profile. We create all of our customized recommendations based on hard data. 

  2. Community Strategy Sessions: Faiā will meet with your venture executive/ management team personally in a series of x3 strategic consulting sessions. Faiā team will deliver actionable advice about how your venture can add "fire" to current and future community-building efforts, reduce inefficiencies, and put itself in the best possible position for long-term community success.

  3. Community Manager Hiring: Faiā will help you hire the right talent and nurture them to be stars.  

  4. Brand Management & Customer Experience: Faiā will help you build your brand + experience through our community obsession and customer-centric approach.

  5. Strategic partnerships: Faiā works with the executive team directly to get the right strategic partners, so as to accelerate community building exercise and hence create a more engage and sustaining community. 

  6. Investor relations: Faiā works with the executive team directly to help to maintain investor relations by implementing the right storytelling, branding and communication strategy. Apart from existing investors/ advisors, Faiā also helps on-board new investors and strengthen the relationship from the venture’s front. 

  7. Media/ PR relations: Faiā works with the executive team to manage the Media/ PR relations so that the right branding gets communicated to the outside world. 

  8. Ongoing Community Management: Faiā will help coach, hire, and coordinate community managers and guide them towards being the best they can be. Faiā ongoing guidance will allow the venture to spot up-selling and cross-selling opportunities across sites, as well as lucrative new community-building opportunities. Faiā will share these insights with the venture and take action to capitalize on them as they arise.

  9. New Location/ Expansion- Community Audit & Strategy: Faiā will do an audit of new locations/ communities that the venture wants to serve as an expansion. Also, Faiā will provide detailed inputs on community building as pre-work before making things operational in the new location. 


Ideal Time Frame for engagement: 12-18 months

Time Dedicated per week: 7-10 hours by George and 5 hours (if required) by Sagar


Detailed responsibilities and weekly/monthly plan for the time of engagement can be chalked out if the venture wants to proceed further with this. 

If you are looking for a CCO, please do write to us!

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