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Faiā was founded in Singapore in 2018 by George Siosi Samuels. We believe in the power of the small and uncommon to unleash the power of communities, especially in the Ring of Fire.

What does Faiā mean?

The word faiā is a Samoan for 'bridge'. When combined to form the word 'faiā'oga', it means 'teacher'. So essentially a teacher is a 'bridge-maker' and that's how we see ourselves: as bridge-makers who bring communities and technology together.


Where is the Ring of Fire?​

Our story


Unique perspectives

Our approach to nation-building stems from the diverse cultures of our team. Each of us are passionate about culture and community in some way, shape or form, and infuse that into the work that we do. Our founder's mixed ethnic ancestry gives unique but grounded foundations on which to draw from, while also tapping into the cultural roots of each team member. By digging deeper into the past, we create more compelling futures for clients.