Our services are focused on helping startups and communities become more visible, productive and well-connected in their market. Through our partners, we offer a wide range of services and solutions to help high-growth startups and communities achieve sustainable growth.


Why "community"?

Since the launch of social media apps in the early 2000s, the rise of networks has naturally given way to the rise of "communities." We've observed wide-open networks fall back to close-knit online communities, simply because humans tend to trust their closer (smaller) circles over time more than big brands. Facebook had to change their mission statement from "connect the world" to "bring the world closer together" as a result of this shift.

Global decline in trust has resulted in users and consumers seeking out "small world networks" instead of wide-open ones. We think this will shape future online economies and consumer behavior. By focusing on building a sense of community, you can improve retention, reduce acquisition costs, increase loyalty, and enhance productivity. Less is more in the #NewNormal.

Unique perspectives

Our approach to community-building stems from the diverse cultures of our team. Each of us are passionate about culture and community in some way, shape or form, and infuse that into the work that we do. Whether it's translating communications across international audiences, or building a website with the "community" in mind. Our founder's mixed, ethnic ancestry gives unique but grounded foundations on which to draw from, while also tapping into the cultural roots of each team member. By digging deeper into the past, we create more compelling futures for clients.

Benefits of working with us

What is a
brand community?

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The term "brand community" was first presented by Albert Muniz Jr. and Thomas C. O'Guinn in a 1995 paper for the Association for Consumer Research Annual Conference in MinneapolisMN. In a 2001 article titled " Brand Community", published in the Journal of Consumer Research (SSCI), they defined the concept as "a specialized, non-geographically bound community, based on a structured set of social relations among admirers of a brand.

Build brand loyalty

Our specialty is building community. We love helping high-growth startups and communities magnify their growth efforts by focusing on brand advocates. As such, we plan, grow, manage and systematize efforts for brands that are looking to take their communities and customers to the next level. To ensure we're focused on the right type of communities, we use the word "brand communities" as per Albert Muniz Jr (see left).

Become more productive

Another thing we're known for is teaching new tools and technologies. This goes hand in hand with our mission - to bridge gaps between communities and technology - as we don't want people feeling left behind. In our rush to get ahead in the tech world, we can often forget about the different generations and learning styles. In order to bring everyone up together, we need to slow down sometimes to guide those who need a little extra hand-holding. As such, we teach teams in productivity and tools such as Slack, Notion, Trello, and even blockchain technologies such as BitcoinSV.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Connect more meaningfully

Finally, we provide professional matchmaking services to assist growing startups. From finding the right investors and talent, to new opportunities. By leveraging off of our networks and partner communities, we take a small Finders Fee for any deal that eventuates as a result of our introductions. What may take you a long time to build, might be as simple as a phone call for us because of our deep relationships (community).


On Bitcoin

An outlier we have under our belt is our Bitcoin (BSV) involvement. We were one of the first companies in Asia Pacific to offer Bitcoin (BSV) integration services. The reason we decided to support this particular blockchain is because of the immense impact we see it having on future online communities.


Our team has been supporters of Bitcoin, through all its evolutions, since 2013. We are official ambassadors of the Bitcoin Association and continue to show clients the opportunities public blockchains and communities have for future economies.


If you'd like to talk specifically about our Bitcoin (BSV) integration services, book a chat with us here.