Meta-Community Dynamics

A community profiling tool for building more harmonious communities in the metaverse


Community Dynamics™ is a community profiling tool for leaders of organisations to identify what type of community you have. It also outlines what steps you need to take in order to shift the culture of your community over time.

Why It's Needed

Many community builders have a big vision for their community, but experience some or all of the following: growing too fast, growing too slowly, chaos, lack of direction or structure or difficulty translating 'big vision' into practical reality.

We're noticing that as more people enter the space of Web 3.0, Metaverse and DAOs, emerging communities are also experiencing issues around structure and coordination.

Our Solution

We've created a system to help cultivate more harmonious communities, regardless of industry.

It uses an archetypal framework to help you identify your type of community, its characteristics and strategies to move forward.

Using nature symbols (e.g. animal totems) from the real world, it reminds us to stay connected to the natural world as we increasingly move into the digital realms.

How It Works

A sneak preview of what to expect

Take the test

Take a 15 minute test to determine what type of community you have or desire.

View results

Discover your community persona profile. Get useful insights into the characteristics of your community.

Apply strategies

See relatable strategies for each community type, and apply them to your own community.

This system was inspired by several other systems, including Myers-Briggs, Native Medicine Wheel, Polynesian totems, and the Chinese I-Ching.

This system is based on content from years of multi-disciplinary research.

The framework is customisable. While we provide default templates of cultures using well-known local animal symbols, this system can be applied to any culture. Email us to enquire about custom-fitting.

What You Get

Community Persona Profile

Just like individuals, communities have their own "persona". Traditionally influenced by brand personas, community personas represent the essence of a community. Community personas can help your community grow with more intentionality.


  • Strategies for effective communication and management
  • Upgrade options for personalized assistance, training or implementation
  • Tools and templates to manage your communities


The Community Dynamics system can be used across various stages, from early stage to established communities.

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