Meta-Community Transformation


Heard of Digital Transformation? How about Community Transformation? Now try Meta-Community Transformation.


Eight months after writing the article Building Meta Communities, we realized that our work combined the best of Digital Transformation (a term often touted by enterprise and government circles), and Community Transformation (a term often used at a civic level).

According to Accenture, "Digital transformation is the process by which companies embed technologies across their businesses to drive fundamental change. The benefits? Increased efficiency, greater business agility and, ultimately, the unlocking of new value for employees, customers and shareholders."

According to Peter Hille (1996), "The concept of community transformation is intended to describe significant change in a distressed community that would be clearly measurable in terms of income, employment, educational attainment, human health, environmental quality, population retention, business environment, access to capital, entrepreneurial activity, accountable governance and civic participation. Robert Putnam and others have posited that the key to such transformation is social capital..."

Using the above two terms and their definitions, our working definition for Meta-Community Transformation is currently the following:

A Meta-Community Transformation (MCT) is the process by which strategic agent(s) embed or replace behaviors or technologies across a distressed community, a "community of communities" (ecosystem), or business, to drive fundamental change towards a future "meta" world.

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